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 Wheretodrift.com ?

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PostSubject: Wheretodrift.com ?   Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:19 am

I received this email from Vaughn Gittin Jr. yesterday:


You have been contacted because you asked to be, you were recommended or because I have met you personally and I know you are one of few that work your asses off to run events and do what you can to help our sport. I wanted to get in contact with all of you to let you know that myself and a good friend of mine Josh Baker started a new website www.wheretodrift.com.

As many of you know I travel a ton and myself and all the boys from Drift Alliance do everything we possibly can to go wherever we can to introduce our sport and help the growth of it through mainly demos and clinics not to mention all the comps all over the country. The one thing I have learned is that EVERYONE that sees Drifting falls in love and any car guy that sees it and has a car wants to give it a try! Well no one outside of the drift world knows where to go and find out where drifting events are held. I am tired of trying to explain to people what forums to go to find events in there area and getting looked at like I have 3 heads.( I know!!! Some people still cant google. It is true!) This is why we decided to start this site!

The only reason this site was built was to offer a one stop place for information, dates and locations of all drifting events in the USA easily searchable by state. Any and all event organizers will be given an account so that they can post there events online. This once again is simply to help grow our sport by allowing easier access for the average “not in the know” car enthusiast to come and have some fun drifting and hopefully it will help grow local events and this amazing sport. This by no means is to make money as I am doing all the hosting out of pocket and Josh was awesome enough to spend time developing the site off of my rough ideas.

In order for this to work we all need to work together and make sure everyone updates events as regularly as they can. I am going to work with a bunch of sites and forums to get the word out. I also hope to so some street marketing with stickers etc. I ask all of you to do what you can as well to get the word out. We all need to do our part to make this a success!!!

Currently this is only for the USA . We would like to add other countries in the future but we are starting with our country first and hopefully we can team up with some other organizers throughout the world to help out.

Please do not hesitate to give us feedback and suggestions. This has been built for everyone that loves drifting, every event holder that has spent money just to run local events so everyone can have a safe place to have fun, and everyone that wants to see the sport grow and local events starting to get bigger, better and funner (yes it’s a word) venues!

Thank you all so much!! Lets all work together to make this the spot for anyone to find the closest drift event ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!

If you run a Forum or know anyone that runs a forum. Please ask them to post this up as a sticky for a while! Or at least something about it!!

Once it gets populated we will do a huge push to educate people of its existence. Any help is appreciated!!!

All the best!

Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Drift Alliance


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Wheretodrift.com ?
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